BPL 690 L Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator


Model No: R690S2

Ultra quick cooling – Multi Air flow technology
Electronic LED display and control
Holiday function – reduced power when you are away
Super Freeze mode
Freshness Zones
Smart AI Mode – Selects optimal cooling temperature for internal load
Tempered Glass Shelves – Easy to clean & hygienic
35% freezer and 65% refrigerator

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How to take care of your BPL Frost-Free Refrigerator – Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Do give your fridge sufficient space. If possible, you should leave several inches of space on the top, sides and back to give the heat it expels room to escape.
  2. Do let food cool down before storing it in the refrigerator. Putting hot leftovers in the fridge can warm up other food stored nearby and also lead to condensation and forming of water droplets in the refrigerator. It also increases the energy needed to cool it all down.
  3. Don’t ignore your gasket/door seal. The gasket is what keeps the warm air out and the cold air in. Periodically check it for wear and tears. Clean it periodically with a universal cleaner and replace the gasket if it’s damaged.
  4. Don’t overload shelves, bins or the door. Extra weight in these areas can cause excessive wear and could cause damage.
  5. Don’t use wet or soiled hands over control panel
  6. Don’t open the door too often. It pays to plan ahead before you open your fridge door. You let cold air escape every time you open it, so try retrieving a few things with each open to help save money and energy. It could also lead to moist air getting in and causing condensation.
  7. Don’t let your fridge get smelly! Cleaning out old food every week can help with this. You can use a deodorizer that’s made specifically for refrigerators – they can be up to 50 times more effective than baking soda.


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