BPL 20L Solo Microwave Oven


Model No: BPLMW20S1G

White Body Color
Quick Defrost
Pre-Coated Cavity
Cooking Alert

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How to take care of your BPL Microwave Oven – Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Always use microwave-safe containers for heating and cooking
  2. Plastic containers should be avoided, unless labeled “microwave safe”
  3. Don’t Metal containers are a strict no-no
  4. cut the food into smaller pieces for even cooking
  5. Covering the container with a lid ensures uniform cooking
  6. Preferably, use shallow containers to cook food
  7. When heating packaged frozen foods, follow the instructions on how to reheat very carefully. Pierce the thin plastic wrap so the steam escapes,
  8. Use glass containers if you are heating foods high in fats.
  9. Never run a microwave if it is empty. With nothing to absorb the radiation that is being produced, the energy can actually burn out the tube inside, posing a fire hazard.
  10. Don’t sterilize bottles in Microwave ovens
  11. Never let children use a microwave without adult supervision.
  12. It’s equally important to clean your microwave to get rid of any stuck and burnt food particles.
  13. Don’t heat stuffed chicken or other poultry items in the microwave.
  14. Be cautious when heating food items which are layered
  15. Eggs should not be boiled in a microwave
  16. Be aware of foods that can cause arching. Arching refers to the sparks that are caused when certain ingredients in the food react with metallic elements found inside the cooking chamber. Hotdogs and carrots are known to cause arching. The salts present in hotdogs and minerals found in carrots can produce sparks when heated in a microwave. If that happens, immediately turn off the microwave and cook the food by other means.
  17. Liquids can superheat in a microwave if heated for a longer duration than necessary.


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