BPL 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC – 2018 Rating


Model No: A18KI3C8A

Inverter Technology
2018 Energy efficiency standard
100% Copper condenser for greater reliability
Smart digital display
Arctic breeze cooling

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How to take care of your BPL Air Conditioner – Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Don’t tilt the outdoor unit during transportation or installation. This will cause the tubes connecting to the compressor to break and gas leak.
  2. Before every warm season begins, have your air conditioning system cleaned and restored by a certified professional HVAC technician. Filters, panel doors, condenser coils, and more are all areas that require routine cleaning to promote a healthier indoor air quality and accurate unit performance for your home. A dirty system can reduce the indoor air quality, causing allergies, respiratory irritations, and other minor health implications.
  3. Do Maintain Refrigerant Levels.
  4. Ensure that the maximum distance between the indoor and outdoor units are no more than 12 feet as it would lead to drop in cooling effect. The ideal condition is to have no more than 9 feet.
  5. Do have your system serviced annually, not only to have it cleaned but to also have your refrigerant levels checked. Improper refrigerant charge will damage the compressor. If the system is not used for a prolonged period of time, there are chances that the refrigerant levels could have come down.
  6. Don’t Allow weeds and other obstructions around the outdoor AC condensing unit.
  7. Don’t let insect and birds build nests in the outside unit and make sure sticks and leaves are not building up on top and around the unit preventing air flow.
  8. Don’t permit the outdoor unit to be off-level.
  9. Don’t let the inside air filter to get dirty – clean, replace and discard filters periodically basis and clean permanent filters on a regular schedule.
  10. Don’t tamper with air conditioning refrigerant lines or electrical connections- this can be a dangerous situation and should ALWAYS be handled by a certified fully trained HVAC technician.


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